Let me put my 20+ years of successful faculty development experience to work for you. 

 Welcome to the Academy. After providing faculty development at the national level as well as in PA programs across the country, I have taken my passion for teaching and education and my commitment to our profession to develop courses and provide mentorship to help you quickly learn, apply, and master essential educational concepts, along with evidence-based teaching approaches, strategies, and tools that are immediately applicable to your daily work in PA education.

I know the transition from clinician to educator has its challenges, and I am here to help make that journey a successful one. Being a teacher and an educator is one of the most rewarding careers along with being a PA, because you play an essential role in the quality and longevity of our profession by teaching the next generation of PAs.

 2024 Courses

PA Educator Master Course One 

This course is best for those new to PA education but can be taken by anyone. It provides fundamental educational concepts and principles needed to navigate the transition from clinician to educator. (10 AAPA Cat 1 CME)

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PA Educator Master Course


This course is open to all in PA education with at least 6 months of experience. It focuses on course design, writing learning outcomes, instructional objectives, and assessment. (10 AAPA Cat 1 CME)

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PA Educator Master Course: 

 The Clinical Year

This course focuses on the essential aspects of the clinical year, including rotation syllabi, student tracking, evaluation and assessment, and policies and procedures to ensure accreditation compliance.  (10 AAPA Cat 1 CME)

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 Announcing my NEW BOOK just for PA educators!   

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Thank you for taking the time to help our new faculty member learn the ropes. She is well on her way to becoming an excellent PA educator and gives you and your course a lot of credit. You’re doing some great work!

Robert Philpot, PhD, PA-C Campbell Professorship Professor and Chair Department of Physician Assistant Studies, John Sealy School of Medicine, UTMB, Texas

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Emily WhiteHorse‚Äôs Faculty Development series to all PA faculty members.¬†I‚Äôve seen firsthand its positive impact on my faculty‚Äôs teaching.¬†¬† Her courses have been a transformative experience for my faculty ‚Äď whether they are new to academia or more experienced.¬†The emphasis on course syllabus design, learning outcomes, and instructional objective development has been instrumental in helping faculty create well-structured and engaging courses.¬†¬†Moreover, the courses underscore the vital importance of tying assessments to learning outcomes.¬† This has improved the quality of individual faculty assessments and helped ensure that the program is assessing what truly matters in terms of student learning.¬†

In today’s educational landscape, where excellence in teaching is paramount, these courses are an invaluable resource for faculty members.  

Cathy C. Ruff, MS, PA-C Program Director | Chair Associate Professor Rocky Vista University Master of Physician Assistant Studies Englewood, Colorado

As part of our PA program faculty onboarding process, our new faculty completes The PA Educator Master Course One.  With her comprehensive understanding of PA education,  Dr. WhiteHorse covers a wide range of topics, which has helped my team develop effective teaching methods and provided them with confidence and effective learning strategies for our students.  After completing the course, my faculty’s ability to bridge the gap between clinical practice and education is excellent, with all members approaching teaching and learning in a similar method and shared language.  

Christina M. Robohm, DMSc, PA-C, DFAAPA¬†¬†Regional Dean ‚Äď Midland¬†PA Program Director¬†Associate Professor¬†Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Texas

The PA¬†Educator‚ĄĘ¬†

A free blog-style newsletter where you will find an ongoing collection of practical, relevant, and evidence-based educational articles, teaching tips, noteworthy news, and resources specifically for those teaching the next generations of PAs. 

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Faculty Development Workshops  

I provide 1-3 day faculty development workshops or presentations (on-site or remotely) based on the program's specific needs.  I also offer a wide variety of topics, including curriculum and course design, creating learner-centered syllabi, writing effective instructional objectives and learning outcomes, evidence-based teaching and learning approaches, assessment tools and methods, curriculum/standards mapping, and exam question item writing. 

Please e-mail me at [email protected]¬†for more information.