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I have long believed that the competence of our graduates and the quality and longevity of our profession rests heavily on those of us who have chosen to teach the next generation of PAs.

My passion for teaching and learning has guided my career in education for nearly 40 years. As teachers, every day, we have the enormous potential to affect change positively within our students, in the care of future patients, and in our profession.

After leaving my high school teaching career to become a PA, followed by 13 years of clinical practice, I have spent the last 28 years in PA education. I have been an associate program director, didactic and clinical coordinator, and faculty member. Although I was often offered the program director position, I intentionally declined it because I wanted to stay close to the work I am passionate about teaching, curriculum, assessment, and faculty mentorship.

For the last 14 years, I have worked as a PA educational consultant and have had the opportunity to work in both developing and existing programs across the country, providing accreditation guidance, faculty development and mentorship, and curriculum and assessment design. 

Over the years, I recognized that nothing in PA education training prepared clinicians to transition into the role of teacher and faculty. Therefore, in 2019, I founded the PA Faculty Development Academy to offer online education, support, and resources to faculty to help them successfully transition to education. I also created a free bi-monthly blog-style newsletter, The PA Educator, that provides evidence-based educational information applicable to the day-to-day work of PA faculty and leadership.

Late in 2023, I ended my consulting practice to focus all my attention on supporting faculty in their transition to teacher and educator through the PA Faculty Development Academy and by providing faculty development workshops.



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