Consulting Services

I am available for short or long term work, on-site, via live streaming or remotely. I look forward to exploring ways to support you and your program. Please feel free to contact me. 

Curriculum Development, Accreditation Preparation, and Review

I provide consulting services to new and established programs. Although experienced and knowledgeable about accreditation overall, my expertise is in ensuring programs meet the B-Standards to include curriculum design, syllabi development and assessment with attention to accreditation alignment between learning outcomes, instructional objectives, evaluation, program mission and educational scaffolding (depth and breadth).


My Experience

I have over 10 years of experience consulting with new and established PA programs across the country with 100% successful attainment of provisional or ongoing accreditation status. I started in education over 40 years ago, first teaching at the high school level before becoming a PA.  I have been in PA education for more than 25 years as a faculty member and in leadership positions and I hold a Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. in education. 

My Unique Approach

I use a unique approach when working with programs, not a traditional consulting one. Although I am happy to conduct a review and provide a report with observations and recommendations, I prefer to become a working member of the team. This method allows me to focus on the unique mission and specific needs of the program. From my experience, this approach has served the PD and faculty well because we all work together as a team.


"After much research, we selected Dr. WhiteHorse to help us develop the new PA Program at Carlow University based upon her vast experience as a PA educator, consultant, and expert in faculty and program development. As our Consultant for the Carlow University PA Program, she has guided us through all aspects of program development as well as preparation for the ARC-PA provisional accreditation process. Dr. WhiteHorse is highly organized and thoughtful in her approach to program development. With experience and a clear perspective on PA education that, in my opinion, is second to none, she provided solid guidance and mentorship for the program faculty through all aspects of program development. In addition, she made herself readily available for questions and consultation and was very prompt and complete in her responses and overall quality of her work, without fail. Her involvement was, in my opinion, invaluable for the overall successful development of our program."

Mark Freeman MBA, MED, PA-C Program Director, Carlow University PA Program Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Our program had the privilege of working with Dr. WhiteHorse during the preparation of our ARC-PA report and site visit. Her expertise in higher education pedagogy and especially PA education is phenomenal. Her working style is that of a coach who trains you and guides you along the way. I highly recommend Dr. WhiteHorse to new and existing programs going through the ARC-PA process and new faculty that need training to become competent faculty."

"She is the paramount professional and puts an incredible amount of thoughtfulness and detail into her work. She is well versed in matters relating to the ARC standards and has creative and considerate ideas on how a program can meet its goals while adhering to ARC standards without compromising its own values or mission."

"Whether for accreditation preparedness as a whole or specific need in the areas of curriculum design or program delivery, Dr. WhiteHorse sets a standard for excellence that will enable any organization to reach its PA program goals.”

Lucy W Kibe, DrPH, MS, MHS, PA-C. Physician Assistant Program Director and the PA program faculty at Charles R. Drew University.

"Dr. WhiteHorse's expertise, dedication, and enthusiasm have made her a keystone figure within our program resources for the last year in providing not only educational products but significant faculty development for a new program faculty. She developed a series of faculty development workshops on campus to address the production of quality syllabi, teaching techniques, and assessment development and evaluation. Her openness and listening skills were instrumental in development of a quality series being delivered to not only core faculty, but adjunct faculty and course instructors. Bringing her to our institution to deliver the workshops is extremely cost-effective, and the quality of material presented is extraordinarily high."

Christina Robohm-Leavitt, MS, PA-C, Regional Dean & Director of Masters in Physician Assistant Studies Program, Texas Tech University

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Email: dr.emilywhitehorse@gmail .com (please don't forget the "period" after dr)


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